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Birthing pool or not???

I'm planning a home birth this time around (last time I was at helston birthing unit, and I was home in bed 2 hours later).  I'm debating whether to get a birthing pool for at home or not...any recommendations?
many thanks x

I always recommend 'Birth pool in a box' Eco regular size to my clients. It is a good sturdy pool with a little seat within it that is very useful for having a bit of a rest on or kneeling on or your partner to perch on! It also has handles around the edges for those moments when you want to grab something for little extra support!
These pools can be purchased online for around 100-120 or can even be picked up from ebay for a lot less (30-50 usually and some have not been used!) You will need a new pool liner if buying 2nd hand but these can easily be purchased for around 20-30.
Good luck with your search for a pool, home water birth is a blessing, enjoy!

Independent Midwife
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Helen Swan

Yes I agree with Mandy, these are good ones.
so check out second hand sources. You may want a new liner apporox 25. Ask local antenatal class teachers, some class members may have bought one and be willing to lend for a donation.


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