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Attachment Parenting - toddler sleeping patterns question

Hi all, I know a few of you are into this, and I am to a certain extent although maybe not 100%, but I'd value your advice...

Erin (now 18 months) has come back from 3 weeks of being in our bed/tent & we are struggling to get her to go back to sleep in her cot, and she is also waking LOADS in the night in our bed (and of course I feed her cos I'm so knackered) & I feel like a complete Zombie!!  

Hubby & I are also beginning to feel like we don't have any time to get "intimate" Smile (Nevermind the fact that when we do have a moment I'm usually too exhausted!)

Friends are trying to convince me that I need to stick her in her cot and let her cry it out, popping in every few minutes & settling her, of course.  I've also been told that this is a lesson toddlers need to settle themselves & get themselves back to sleep in the night....and I'd be doing her a favour to teach her now as it's a much harder lesson when she's older. (I still b/f her to sleep mostly!)

So, my question is...Is there a time/age when it's ok to let baby cry it out a bit?? It breaks my heart, and doesn't feel right, but I am bloody tired now & am not feeling like I'm being a good mom as a result.  I daresay she's exhausted too, poor thing.

Erin has been fine in her own cot since 8 or 9 months old.  We moved her out the bed because she sprawls out & takes up most of the bed and feeds much more when she's in it then she does in her own cot.  All 3 of us sleep much much better with her in the cot.

So...I love the idea of complete attachment parenting, but I just don't think I can do it, for my own sanity.  Have you had similar experiences?

love sharon

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