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I have a child who has been diagnosed with autism.  Some biomedical treatments have helped to a small degree, but a couple of months ago we decided to give homeopathy a go.

Upon trying 2 - 3 different remedies, our homeopath (also an MD) gave our child aranea (I don't know which one, but I assume that it is a. diadema) and the piece of accompanying paper had aranea M handwritten on it along with the granules which were dispensed at our visit.  Three granules were given in the evening and fifteen min later, three more were given as instructed.

Within 22 hours, my child's behavior had significantly worsened.  She lost bowel control and toilet training which she had gained for 6 months prior to homeopathic treatment.  Her behavior had regressed to a state that had not been seen before, perhaps 2 years before (she just turned 5).  This has gone on for almost a month.  We are frustrated by this regression.  I understand that sometimes a temporary worsening of behavior (i.e., healing crisis) presages something good, however we are only seeing negatives with this.  Also, it seems to continue for a long time.  We are seeing bad things that we had not seen before in terms of behavior.

When my wife tried to ask our homeopath about this, we didn't get many answers.

Can a remedy that is chosen do this?  Is it possible to choose incorrectly or worsen a situation?   If so, will 'antidoting' the remedy clear this problem up?

Any answers appreciated.  Thanks Much!

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