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Anyone tried Raspberry Leaf tea?

So...Raspberry leaf tea is traditionally used to prepare uterine muscles for labour, but is also said to be beneficial for morning sickness, to sooth and prevent bleeding gums, relax muscles in uterus while it is contracting, assist the birth of baby and placenta and calm the cramping of the uterus. Raspberry Leaf is also a rich source of iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium and contains Vitamins B1, B3 & E

I've also heard people say that it shortens the second stage of labour.

I drank raspberry leaf tea from about 32 weeks, with a little honey in became my favourite drink.  My dd was not overdue, I had a pretty amazing (if a little long at 13 hours) labour, and my second stage was between 10 & 20 minutes.  I believe raspberry leaf tea must have played a role in preparing my body for labour, and perhaps helped with the second stage too.  I also delivered the placenta within an hour (which was no trouble after having a baby by the way)

What are everyone else's experiences of or thoughts about raspberry leaf tea? Do you think it worked for you? Is it worth a try?

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