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Alternative therapies, natural remedies for cancer?

A good friend of mine's mother has just been diagnosed with cancer and is shortly starting 6 months of Chemo.  She's in South Africa and probably not be able to afford anything really expensive.

It's in her bowel and is grade 1 3 carcinoma and she's had to have an Ileostomy.

Does anyone know of anything that could help her?
Many thanks
Sharon x
Anne Thomas

Hello Sharon

I am very sorry about your friend's mother.

One important consideration when working with 'natural' forms of healing is that treating the whole is always at least as important as treating the symptom - in this case cancer of the bowel.  Whilst conventional medicine will - in the vast majority of cases - just treat the cancer - natural medicine would be looking at treating the whole person.

Having said that - and bearing in mind that I am not a herbalist - I have experience of using a herb called "cleavers" (Galium aparine) to detox the system of tumours - thyroid and bladder.  The thyroid tumour was border-line cancer and I have no idea about the bladder tumour but both tumours disappeared none-the-less - just with cleavers.  It is commonly taken as a tea to help detox the system, but in more serious conditions such as cancer, it is apparently best taken as a juice.  The following is copied from a post on the Herb Society's forum:

"I myself have juiced large amounts a pint a day of cleavers and fat hen for a patient with breast cancer"

It can also be bought in tincture form which is the way I have experienced it.

Cleavers is the sticky weed that grows in the garden - sometimes called goosegrass.  It goes without saying that really your friend's Mum ought to seek the advice of a professional on this.

What I would say is that as far as I know, all reflexologists in South Africa have to be registered with the national health service and that reflexology treatment is available through the system.  This may have changed but I am certain it was the case a few years ago when I was at a conference.  If this is the case, then I would strongly recommend that this lady has reflexology, especially during her chemo.

I wish her every luck.

Nature's Mother

Hi Anne,

thank you so much for that.  I will def pass it on to my friend.  I never knew that about cleavers!! How interesting!  I don't think they grow in SA, but I could possibly send her over some tincture (if customs allows!). Do you know where I could get the tincture?

Anne Thomas

Morning Sharon

I got mine from Baldwins :

They do the tincture in a large 250ml bottle which is very useful.

The thyroid tumour was in a client and the bladder tumour was in 1 of my dogs.  Neither of whom were having chemo.  However, a friend's Mum had had breast cancer which then spread to the bones and liver.  She was having alll sorts of chemical treatments but she was happy to take cleavers at the same time.  At the last check her liver was clear and the bone cancer was contained.  She has obviously been very ill but at the moment seems ok.

My clients know me - you should perhaps check this out with Claire.  You have to be very wary of giving advice to people for serious conditions as they are very 'needy' for hope (for obvious reasons).  If hope does not prevail and your 'advice' doesn't hold good, they will not be happy.  And niether will the medics!

Nature's Mother

Great, thank you so much Anne!  I will check it out with Claire!

much love

An ex boyfriend of mine cured himself of bowel cancer by practicing Chi Kung.

Also - as a sound therapist I have to mention the interval Major 7th which was noted by Fabien Maman as being the frequency with the ability of destroying cancer cells.  You could achieve this for example by playing two singing bowls or tuning forks or having two people tone the notes C and B together with the added intention of clearing the blockage which is creating the cancer.

I have also heard that Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Supplement is amazing.

Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nature's Mother

Thank you Michelle! xxx

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