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Acupuncture for breech? overdue?

Hi!  I'm an independent midwife and also run the Preggies Club -  Do you offer acupuncture/moxabustion for breech? and treament for being overdue?

I'm sure there could many women who would gladly consider these alternatives to section or induction!

Best wishes,

Evony x
Paul Adkins

Acupuncture for induction

Hi Evony
Hope you are well thanks for the question, yes I have done a lot of inductions with acupuncture obviously every case is different but it is a very popular alternative. Also regarding Breech conditions I can perform acupuncture/Moxibustion to help with this problem and it is a fantastic treatment that has some great results.
I have quite a lot of information on my web site if anyone is interested and would like to take a look.

Best Wishes
Paul Very Happy

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