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Birth Stories

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Nature's Mother

Joined: 04 Jul 2009
Posts: 178

Location: Falmouth, Cornwall UK

PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:07 pm    Post subject: Birth Stories  Reply with quote

Dh and I were lying in bed on the morning of Erin's due date at about 9.45 and we both heard a popping sound and felt my belly move(about 2 minutes after making love incidently). We decided it must have been a big kick! When I stood up it didn't take me long to realise that the pop must have been my waters breaking! Hubby and I looked at each other and had a little nervous giggle and wondered what happened next. We each had a little spray of Rescue Remedy and then Steven ran me a bath (with a couple of drops of lavendar oil to help me stay calm) and let my best friend know what had happened (We had been holding thumbs it would all happen while she was visiting). I called the midwife who called back while I was in the bath. She said that it was good news and she'd like to think that at some stage I'd start feeling a bit of pain, that she had a few other calls to make and to let her know if my situation changed.

Hubby lit my labour candle and let those who'd been at our Mother & Father Blessingway know that my waters had broken. They all lit their candles and it was comforting to know that there were friends out there thinking of me and sending me positive energy and strength.

After my bath I decided to keep myself busy. Hubby and best friend cleaned my car, and best friend started making loads of yummy lasagna for later and to freeze while I vacuumed the house and packed away clothes and generally tidied up. Occasionally I had to stop and make sure I had a towel under me, as everytime Erin moved I had an extra little gush of waters and otherwise a constant dripping. By about 12 my contractions were noticeable but not painful at all, but hubby started timing them and by about 1pm I was having a contraction every 5 minutes and they were starting to get painful, so I thought I better give the midwife a call, just to let her know that there was definitely something happening. She said she had one more call to make and then she'd come on over to see how I was getting on.

When midwife arrived soon after 2pm I was starting to have to breathe, lean forwards and rotate my hips through my contractions. She examined me and said I was 2 centimetres dilated and that I would have a baby today!! This made me smile! She asked whether I wanted to have baby at home, but I opted for the birthing unit because a massive bath (birthing pool) of warm water really appealed to me. The birthing unit is midwife run and has no pain relief available besides gas and air, which is what I wanted...40 minutes drive from real pain relief would save me from giving in in a moment of weakness. Midwife went to another call and then called me at about 4pm to say she'd be opening the birthing unit for me in half an hour. At this stage Hubby was trying to pack the car and best friend was packing food, etc for the evening ahead, but I wouldn't let poor hubby go far. I found that him pressing down on my sacrum (as we were taught by my yoga teacher in a birthing workshop) really made a difference, so everytime I felt a contraction coming I'd shout for hubby and he'd have to come running.

The 30 minute car trip to the birthing unit wasn't too much fun. I sat on the back seat with best friend and she rubbed my back through my contractions while I leant forward and grabbed hubby's shoulder. It didn't slow things down though, my contractions kept coming regularly and the first thing I did was get in the birthing pool. Hubby got in with me, which was personal masseuse! Being in the water was really nice and I didn't feel the urge to get out, except for toilet trips. It was not the pain relief I had read it could be, but it felt good all the same. As the contractions got more painful the rest of the day became a bit of a blur. My mind did a good job of zoning out completely. I disconnected from everything around me and just focused on the birthing process and moving around. My friend kept an eye on me, she put another friend's aromatherapy oil blend that she made for me for labour on a piece of cottonwool on the radiator (we couldn't light burners and candles & safety) and put on music of my choice. My friend also kept the Rescue Remedy coming when it looked like I needed it and made good use of the homeopathic birthing kit, asking me how I was feeling and giving me the appropriate remedies. I got to a stage where the contractions were very painful, the massage wasnt' working and I didn't really feel like being touched, so poor hubby didn't have much to do, but both him and my friend kept me chatting between contractions so that I wasn't just waiting for the next one. They also reminded me to breathe through contractions if they could tell I was holding my breath or not breathing evenly. It was very reassuring to have 2 people there with me who were so positive and knew that I could do it, even though there were moments when I didn't think I could!

The midwife was wonderful. She could tell that hubby and friend wanted to be very involved, so she put up a partition so that she was sitting in her office doing paperwork and we had complete privacy. She came in roughly on the hour to check babys heartbeat, which she could do while I was in the water, and occasionally took my blood pressure, and offered me words of encouragement. Erins heartbeat stayed regular and the midwife commented that she was one chilled out baby.

I think it was about 6 or 7pm when I got out to be examined again...I think I was 6 centimetres dilated by then and midwife said I seemed to be progressing by a cm per hour. I was starting to feel tired but just kept focusing on my breathing and my friend kept giving me apple juice and raspberry leaf tea with honey and a bite of a breakfast bar between contractions to keep my energy up...I still had 5 hours of hard work ahead. Pain relief didn't cross my mind, I knew I could do without and I knew it would be the best for me and Erin and hubby and the whole bonding and breastfeeding process. At some stage, probably around 9ish I started "growling" through contractions. Hubby made me feel that it was ok to make a noise and I found it really grounding. It helped me turn my awareness inwards and stay with the process. The noises must've been a bit scary for friend & hubby, but they knew to expect them (we'd watched a birthing dvd beforehand!!) They're not noises that you'll make at any other time in your life.

At about 10pm I was obviously in a lot of pain (but still with short breaks in between, or less intense contractions), and hubby made me aware that there was Gas & Air (Entonox) available and reminded me that it wouldn't be harmful to either me or Erin. I decided to give it a try. It didn't do much for pain relief, but helped me to stay focused on taking deep breaths in and out. If I started sucking on it when I felt a contraction coming on, by the peak of the contraction I had a nice tingly sensation for a few seconds which dulled the pain a teeny tiny bit, or at least acted as a distraction from it.

By between 10.30 and 11pm I reached the stage where I was groaning "i don't think I can do this anymore"...this is typical of transition into the second stage of labour(actually giving birth), so while uttering these words I KNEW the end was near. Thankfully I had hubby & friend to make me realise that soon I was going to meet our child and that I was strong and I could do it. A second midwife arrived as there has to be 2 at the birth and she was great though I was in no state to make conversation her.

At about 11.10pm I felt like I needed the toilet and I got out of the pool and sat on the loo. All of a sudden I got the urge to push and felt down, only to feel Erins head. I told hubby to call midwife, who came and immediately started getting things ready in the birthing room...I did not deliver in the toilet thankfully! I didn't feel the need to get back into the pool, I had gravity to help me outside of it. I leant forward onto a chair half standing, half squatting and Erin arrived at 11.24 after a few pushes, which, I won't lie, burnt like crazy. I was obviously very zoned out at this stage, because I hardly remember it (which is natures way of making sure we are not put off and have more babies!) Hubby & my friend saw Erins little scrunched up face come out, midwife expertly guided one of Erins shoulders through the opening and out she popped into Hubbys eagerly waiting hands.

Hubby then passed her through my legs to me and they guided me to sit on the edge of the bed. We wanted to only cut the umbilical cord once it had stopped pulsating, but it was a bit short and would have made it difficult for me to hold Erin so midwife put the clip on it and hubby cut the cord. I then had my precious little girl in my arms and every bit of pain was completely forgotten!

I had decided to have a natural third stage (normally they'd give you an injection as the baby is born to make your placenta come out fast...not normally necessary but convenient for medical professionals especially in hospitals where your bed is in demand). Breastfeeding makes everything contract and helps the placenta to come out and I wanted to make the most of that first few hours when Erin was awake and alert and making eye contact, and obviously I wanted to feed her as soon as possible so I spent about the next hour waiting for the placenta to come out. One of the midwives suggested putting a bowl in the toilet and me sitting on the loo, as the position could help and it did, I delivered 1 x placenta (which is quite pretty and shimmery and big, but soft and easy to deliver) into a bowl...charming...but by this stage I didn't care, I had my beautiful baby in my arms, who looks just like my husband!

I then had a quick shower and a final examination where a little tear on my perineum was discovered, but didn't need stitching. Hubby dressed Erin Petal while the midwife filled out the paperwork, my friend packed the car and we left the birthing unit at about 2 am, home to our lovely warm beds. I enjoyed a massive plate of lasagna and a little glass of port first though. Hubby and I spent our first night just looking at our beautiful little girl and feeling overwhelmed with love for each other and her. Erin has been super alert and has had no problems breastfeeding. The midwife said that she was so alert because I had no drugs and her breastfeeding so easily is probably due to the fact that she was not seperated from me after the birth, neither of us were drugged and she went straight to the breast. I have never felt so much love!

My hubby & my friend were both absolutely amazing. They looked after me so well, and helped me so much and I'm so thankful to them for being there for me! I'd do it all again tommorrow for the same result!!
Mum to Erin Petal - born naturally 30/03/2008
2nd little girl due 13/06/10 - Natural remedies and products for a safe, natural & happy pregnancy

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Joined: 05 Jul 2009
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My first son, Stuart, we were told was going to be a girl!!!   I wanted to have a water birth, but was told by my specialist that due to my diabtes I would have to have an epidural, and they wouldn't let me go past 38weeks.  This, together with a few other issues prompted me to go for an elective c-section.  But at 34weeks I devopted Pre-Eclampsia, so ended up having an emergnecy c-section at 36 weeks.  And to surprise, out popped a little boy.  
After the initial shock, we were deilghted.  But Stuarts blood sugar levels were so low he had 3 drips pumping glucuse into his tiny body (5.6pounds).  One drip went through his belly button directly to his heart.  
He was too young and too week to such, and wouldn't latch on, so was tube fed for the 1st 5 days.  Eventually on 10 day we were allowed to take him home.
Now he's a very healthy active 4 and a half year old.

I was expecting the same experience with my second baby.  But at 12 weeks I was rushed to hospital do to labour pains and bad bleeding.  I thought it was over (i had already had 5 miscarriages).  Apparently the placenta had separated from the uterus lining, and they couldn't tell me if I would make full term or not.  My BP was very high too.  Until I held him in my arms for the first time, I never really believed I was going to have this baby.
I booked to have a c-sectin again, as the first one was 'wonderful'.  It was so quick and painless, recovery was good and fast.  I knew what to expect, why on earth would I now attempt natural???   Lookinf back, I really wish I had gone natural.
My day came, and lay in hospital for 6hrs waiting for the woman before me to come out of theator.  Eventually I was wheeled in, and that's when the problems started.  1st, the anesthetic didn't take, so they kept topping it up and trying again.  The anethatist then hit a nerve and I nearly shot of the bed in agony.  The spinal block had to be done twice, and eventually I was anethaticed right up to my bottom lip!  The proceedure seemed to take a lot longer than the first time, but finally he was born.

Alex was a healthy weight (7punds 13), and latched on immediately!  What a wonderful experience breast feeding is!  He's now 6 and a half months, and even though I'm back at work, he still gets his boob fix!

We definately want another baby, but Ive been told that one will need to be a c-section too... Crying or Very sad
The Moses Basket is a non-profit project based in New Zealand, providing a safe and non-judgemental home environment for pregnanct woman in crisis situations.
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Nature's Mother

Joined: 04 Jul 2009
Posts: 178

Location: Falmouth, Cornwall UK

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow! When I read stories like yours I realise how easy I had it!  But the results of your two are just as beautiful! (And to you MUCH MORE beautiful and real, as they're yours  Smile ) and as you say, in some ways having a c-section must be easier, especially in your situation!

I would get hold of an independant midwife and ask their opinion on you having to have a c-section for your next...they often deliver naturally after cesearians..although I daresay it's all a bit scary for you with your diabetes and such.  I don't think there's ANY shame in having a c-section if you need one!  They definitely save lives in some cases, but are just over offered and abused in others.

Best of luck and thank you so much for sharing! xxx
Mum to Erin Petal - born naturally 30/03/2008
2nd little girl due 13/06/10 - Natural remedies and products for a safe, natural & happy pregnancy
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Joined: 08 Sep 2009
Posts: 4

Location: Cornwall

PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:28 am    Post subject: My birth story Reply with quote

My waters broke on Saturday morning + I thought GREAT things are going to start happening really quickly, but nothing happened quickly + after what seemed an incredibly long labour my baby boy was born on Monday morning, in the end by Em. C-Sect.  Labour was a bit of a shock I thought the pains would be in my tummy etc but they were all down through my back and btm, it was very hard to get comfortable or rest at any point.

In a strange way I'd kind of looked forward to labour not just to meet my baby but to go through the whole experience (may sound a bit odd) but its one of those very 'real' experiences in life and makes up your story!  My birth plan was quite different to what it turned out to be altho I knew I might have to be flexible.  In my mind I wanted things to be as natural as possible and things started as planned but ended up changing.  

My baby was 'back to back' - after hours and hours he turned to get in the right position but it still wasn't quite right and I was given what seemd like hours more to dilate properly which didn't happen.  All very hard work and on Sunday evening I gladly had an epidural.  By Monday morning I was exhausted + still not at a stage where I could push so I ended up having an Em. C-sect.  I had a general anaesthetic in the end by choice because I completely panicked but I woke to meet my beautiful boy on my husband's chest!  All in all a pretty full on experience.  

My recovery was very good - for a while I felt very dissappointed that I was unable to 'push' my own baby out naturally + as though I'd failed but having since spoken to many people who's babies are in this position (occiput posterior I think they call it) I think I was spared a lot of damage down below + I feel I have come to terms with this now.  

Becoming a Mother is the best + most signifigant thing that's ever happened to me and I still sometimes have to pinch myself to believe its true.  8 months on I have a gorgeous, happy + content little boy and I definitely haven't been put off to do it all again sometime in the future.

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